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Fun facts about Jill and Brian

Did you know...

  • They met in German class at the University of Illinois when Jill was a freshman and Brian a sophomore. Through fits of laughter during every partner assignment they became great friends. Fond memories include Brian getting docked points for chatting on the side to Jill in English.
  • At U of I, Jill's focus was in international studies and German, which ultimately helped balance out the geekiness of Brian's computer engineering degree.
  • They dated long distance for a year early on when Jill studied abroad in Vienna and Brian was a DoD co-op in DC. Thank you Skype!
  • Jill and Brian now work in the DC area and live in the MD 'burbs. So if you are ever visiting DC you have a place to stay!
  • Due to Jill's time working for Congress and interest in American history she can spew endless details and history about the U.S. Capitol. Also, if you haven't seen HBO's John Adams, you're doing yourself a disservice.
  • Brian is a PC and Jill is a Mac
  • Brian (the adrenaline junky) has been skydiving 19 times
  • Jill (the sane one) has been skydiving 0 times
  • They are complete foodies when it comes to ethnic options and are regulars at their local Vietnamese Pho and Thai restaurants. Brian loves turning the heat up a notch so never challenge him to a "spice-off" unless you like pain.
  • Brian proposed to Jill next to the Washington Monument (more on that below)

The Engagement Story depending on your time

Short and Sweet Version

Brian met Jill in DC after work on a Friday night in September. They headed off to Georgetown and had a delightful European dinner before strolling along the Potomac River and up to the Lincoln Memorial walking past all of the monuments and finally settling down next to the Washington Monument. It was about 10pm and as they sat and gazed out across the city's lights Brian pulled out a ring and well, the rest is history!

Long and Laborious Version

Brian met Jill in DC after work on a Friday night in September. He had left the tough decision of where to eat dinner in her hands. Upon dismissing the idea of going to one of DC's top restaurants she settled firmly on good ole pizza and beer in Georgetown. Dinner was delightful and afterward they began to stroll along the Potomac River and up to the Lincoln Memorial. Brian insisted they head over to the Jefferson Memorial located all the way across the tidal basin for which Jill gave him the "are you crazy look." It was starting to get dark and she was cold and tired. Brian suggested they instead sit next to the reflecting pool, thinking this to be a romantic and worthy substitute. This did not end well. They were immediately swarmed by gnats causing Jill to further dismiss the idea of heading toward the tidal basin. With Brian's plan A and B wiped out and looking for a secluded place to go he started toward the World War I memorial. This memorial was undergoing work and had a construction fence around it - Brian thought he'd finally found the perfect quiet spot. Of course Jill was not keen on trespassing and gave him the "are you crazy look." Thus they headed for the Washington Monument and were finally able to plop down. As they sat and talked and gazed out across the city's lights Jill noticed Brian becoming increasingly distracted whenever a passerby broke their solitude. He would stand up and sit down and sometimes pat his pocket. They had sat there for an hour and Brian was clearly nervous. To add to the pressure, they had ten minutes left before they had to catch the last train home to Maryland. Brian persevered in time to pop the question and of course Jill said yes! Promptly they ran to the Metro and headed to Union Station only to catch the train with less than a minute to spare - marking the end of an unforgettable night.